Actively driving data operations and innovation

The Datasynthesis Platform has been designed to turn your data policies directly into data operations. Based on its cloud-native design, the platform goes beyond metadata management in support your governance of data. So, in addition to helping all users discover and access data, the platform uses metadata to automate data integration, transformation and validation. This approach moves data governance from being a passive observer of data operations, to an active control centre that is directly implementing policy.

Data Integration

Integrate once, expose to all

The Datasynthesis Platform uses a Canonical Data Model to represent all data entities and relationships in their simplest possible form. In addition to increasing understanding of data through the conformance of Canonical Data Model to industry standards such as FIBO, the adoption of a common standard means that integration no longer needs to be hard-wired, point-to-point or indeed limited to structured tabular data. New data sources are connected once to the platform and exposed to all users through reusable service catalogs. Data integration, data architecture and data access are simplified for all users.

Data Quality

Self-service and real-time

Data experts are the people who should decide upon data quality, and they need the tools to be able to do so without taking time and resource away from over-stretched IT departments. The Datasynthesis Platform enables self-service data quality management, with its no-code design meaning that data experts do not need to be programmers to get the job done. Combining this approach with the scalability of the platform enables data experts to ask questions such as “Tell me about any data issues right now” and receive enterprise-scope responses in real-time. This ease-of-use delivers a new level of transparency for enterprise data quality and addresses data issues at source.

Data Mastering

Establish a single source for any data

The Datasynthesis Platform has capability to stage and master all forms of data, whether current or historical, structured or unstructured. It allows multiple sources of data to be staged and promoted through different governance levels appropriate to the quality and completeness needs of the user. Unlike many data mastering tools, the Datasynthesis Platform is not tied to its own data-store technology, and hence can leverage the existing data ecosystem of the client.

Data Collaboration

Data quality for all

High quality data is the business foundation for increased efficiency, profitability and innovation around data. If everyone trusts the data they are working with, less mistakes are made, and productivity improves. People spend less time validating data and more time doing their job. Making data easier to discover turns data governance from a policing policy to a source of innovation and new business ideas.

Next steps

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