Rapid data source on-boarding

Access new sources of data when you need them

Point to point integration of systems is a recipe for ever-increasing complexity. Combined with hardcoded mapping rules and transformations, this leads to increased dependency on IT for data access, presenting a block to business getting to the data it needs and a ongoing maintenance burden that takes IT away from strategic project delivery.

Using the Datasynthesis Platform, new data sources can integrated once and once only to an enterprise-wide operational standard that makes the new source of data available to all users and systems that need it. And with our no-code approach, business users can access data quickly, whilst for IT they know that new sources are automatically available via always on data service catalogs.

Provision with security and trust

Secure, governed access to your data

Data security is a key concern for all organisations. Regulations such as GDPR have driven many security initiatives, but in addition the sheer reputational damage of a data breach is something that is unquantifiable for many. In a data architecture of comprised of many legacy tools with complex cross-dependencies, it is unsurprising that weaknesses exist and are difficult to mitigate.

The Datasynthesis Platform provides a single set of secure services for accessing enterprise data. These services take care of authorizing users, authenticating credentials and granting access to only the data they have been permissioned to see, based on their role in the organization. Given the scalability of the platform, point-to-point and departmental tools can gradually be rationalised as you move towards a modern, simpler and more secure data architecture.

Faster development of data applications

Accelerate your development deliveries with repeatable service catalogs

For many IT departments, their task in delivering new applications based on data is made more complex if attempting to consolidate different sources of data from a diverse, complex legacy data architecture. Understanding the data that business users need is made even more difficult when there isn’t a common way of finding data definitions and each type of data requires a different access method.

The Data-as-a-Service approach of the Datasynthesis Platform means that developers use standard service catalogs for finding and retrieving enterprise data, accelerating project delivery through a repeatable approach to accessing high quality data. Based on a Common Data Model, data, its transformation and flow for the new application are transparently available to all, leveraging and building on what has gone before.

Data access and analysis for all

Give business users all the tools they need to find data and analyse data

Business users want to be able to find and analyse data but often their lack of technology knowledge can be a barrier to increased productivity and innovation. Sometimes worse than simply not being able to find the data they need; business users extract data directly from external and potentially unreliable sources. This can create a whole shadow-data architecture of files, spreadsheets and other business tools that further increase the risk, the complexity and the siloed nature of how organizations manage data and its quality.

Exposing a standard set of data services to business intelligence, reporting and team collaboration tools means that the Datasynthesis Platform enables business users to search and find the data they want to use, inside of the tools that they use every day. No copies of the data are taken, the data is always up to date, high quality and available whenever it is needed.

The platform for advanced analytics

Allow your data scientists to focus on analytics, not data quality

Most data scientists want to spend most of time analysing data for value using their knowledge of machine learning and other AI-related techniques. The reality can be somewhat different, with much too much time spent on downstream validation and preparation of data, rather than data analysis.

Leveraging its Data-as-a-Service approach, the Datasynthesis platform enables data scientists to access high quality structured and unstructured data through a standardised set of data service catalogs. Using these services, they can better see what data is available across the enterprise, source high quality data and hence reduce model training errors, plus they can spend more time on developing models and less time in becoming confident in the data they are using.

Next steps

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