Cloud-native architecture

Near-infinite scale to address all your needs

The data architecture at many organizations is a complex network of legacy tools and operational databases that is becoming ever-more difficult and costly to manage and maintain. The inherent lack of scale in legacy systems and tools drives a defensive approach to allowing a business to make the most of its data. Rather than the driven-by-data goal of digital transformation projects, you are left with a constrained-by-data business.

The Datasynthesis Platform has been designed as a cloud-only solution, one that can offer near-infinite processing capacity, storage capacity and concurrency of user access. With the constraints of scale removed, it now becomes possible to move towards a modern data architecture that is simpler, free of systems maintenance and that offers the scale to meet both current and any future data processing needs.

Single service, multiple workloads

Simplify your data ecosystem

Data management is often said to be about removing silos, but many legacy data management tools ultimately create more silos than they remove. Different tools for specific data types. Separate tools for data governance, data integration, data quality and data mastering. Multiple separate databases to cope with ever-higher data volumes.

Utilising the Datasynthesis Platform’s cloud-native scalability and concurrency, it offers a more integrated approach to enterprise data quality. Instead of more and more instances of different data tools being installed, one service is simply applied to each data workload, and the platform automatically allocates the resources necessary to get the job done.

Pay-as-you-go infrastructure

Turn your upfront CapEx into controllable OpEx

On-premise solutions can involve a very high degree of upfront costs involving software licensing, hardware and implementation before any value is delivered. Plus the risk of sizing the system before all the consequences and possibilities of its introduction can be properly assessed.

The Datasynthesis Platform’s cloud-native design offers a pay-as-you-go approach. It offers low upfront costs, combined with rapid implementation and no sizing risks. Time to value is improved and ROI increased.

Near-zero systems maintenance

More resource for strategic development

Putting aside the direct licensing and support fees incurred in many legacy data architectures, so much resource is deployed simply to maintain systems, optimize databases and in the general administration of IT. Organizations need to free IT resources to deliver on strategic business initiatives rather than on the tedium of maintaining the status quo.

The cloud-native design of the Datasynthesis Platform means that scale and capacity issues around processing, storage and user concurrency are no longer constraints. The platform’s modern, serverless design means that it automatically scales to meet the agreed performance service levels. Combined with a no-code approach to enterprise data rule management, the mundane maintenance workload for IT is drastically reduced, enabling greater focus on projects that can deliver new value to the business.

Incremental implementation and adoption

Your path to a modern data architecture

Many legacy tools require an all or nothing approach, both in terms of upfront costs but also in terms of functionality delivered. Such an approach is invasive and puts existing business operations at greater risk.

The Datasynthesis Platform can work with your existing operational data stores, to enable you to implement a gradual migration to a more modern data quality architecture. And with low upfront costs, project risk is both lower and controlled, allowing you to see the benefits of rationalising your legacy systems before proceeding further.

Next steps

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